Michael Robinson | Why Dog-Eat-Dog is a Terrible Perspective for Life

Dog eat dog eat dog.

Author: Michael Robinson

Date: 1/27/2013

Topic: Self-absorption

The idea of dog-eat-dog is how a person must fight or even kill to survive and make it on top of his or her world. The modern idea of dog-eat-dog is from the idea “survival of the fittest”. Pretty much, it’s a person who makes his or herself simpleminded like a dog. A stray lonely dog that fights another dog for a bone lying in the poverish city streets, instead of sharing and working together to get more bones. It says that the world is competitive, and drastic measures must be taken to take one’s share or simply all of it. But, I say, you don’t have to bite another one’s head off and rob, in order to get something. You can be tough, but you can also be tough with friendly and helpful cooperation.

Obviously, fighting and then stepping over people to get to where you need to be is an ill balanced perspective of life. Yes, a person may in fact make it to the top, but perhaps his or her reputation with people will be lacking. He or she may become the most hated person in their world, thus having a group of dogs just waiting for the right moment to see their top dog maimed. So, viewing the world as a competition that one must destroy, is inerrant thinking. Having a good balance in life, is having corporation.



A person who is a self-absorbed usually does not give a care about coopoperation. That person is so busy worrying about his or herself looking good or getting something, that he or she forgets the importance of continually having others in his or her life. A two benefits of having others in your life, are these:

  1. They will challenge you and make you smarter. (Even from the bad experiences with people.)
  2. Those people who you become close with, will always be there for you because you treated them right.

To me, good people are the foundation you need, to get something you dream of having or making it correctly to the top. Picture this, people under you and around you are like support beams of a building, holding you up and keeping you balanced. The top does not necessarily have to mean a top office room in the empire state building, complete with a view of the stars and city lights. It could mean anything for someone. You name it.



So, basically, life should be about teamwork and not individual lust. Not a dog drooling for a juicy steak, in the possession of someone else. Successfully ripping someone’s steak from the mouth of another and profiting, may seem good for the short-term; but in the end, it will just leave you hated, alone, and full of regret.

Instead of being dog-eat-dog, we should be dog-help-dog. Don’t take someone’s help and then not return the favor. Don’t take them, use them, and then dump them to the side. Be helpful and full of gratitude! Personally, I believe that no matter what, I should continue being considerate, grateful, giving, and kind to people. A seed planted like that in someone, reaps benefits in them and I. Be competitive, but not in a way that starts fires, burns bridges, and leaves other people behind. After gaining a new title or status, don’t step on people or think you’re better then them. Stay humble and continue to flourish as a cooperative individual, with other individuals whom you support equally. Don’t you think your life or others lives would be better if they were less self-centered and more cooperative?




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